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Case Study #1

A professional athlete came to us for help with a custody issue. His wife was cheating with numerous men. However, what we captured was a lack of fidelity and serious risks facing the small children of the home. The wife was exposing the children to various men, which was precisely the opposite of the marital settlement agreement whereby the wife was in violation by bringing men home while she had custody of the children. This not only violated the agreement but exposed the children to potential harm should any of these new men be a criminal or have ill intent. Result: He won 100% custody of the children.


Case Study #2

A father of a child came to us looking for help in gaining at least 50% custody in a matter where the mother had 80% custody. Through surveillance and witness interviews, we were able to prove that she was not parenting the child but rather dropping off the child at her friends' home while she went out at night to party with various people at numerous bars. On several occasions, the mother went home with men or brought them home to her apartment when the father had first right of refusal, and thereby, she was violating that agreement. Result: The judge awarded 50% custody to the father who adores his daughter.


Case Study #3

A mother of three children came to us for help. We provided results by our investigation wherein we proved the father was spending marital assets at a local casino rather than paying for his children's dental and medical treatment. We secured a covert video of the father by sitting next to him at the Blackjack table, observing him with over $15,000 in cash gambling it away. The father was not very good at cards and seemed not to care where the money was spent. Result: The judge was appalled and awarded the mother the remaining money in the father's private and previously unknown bank accounts and ordered him to replace the money lost at his gambling escapades.


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