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Peace of mind for your clients

Family law matters as divorce and child custody, always present unique challenges. The emotions and stress that are part of dealing with family law difficulties can test anyone. Professional athletes, sports figures, and various professionals who require focus can be a key to success, both on the field, the court, or in other professional settings and in developing a professional career. Any family matter will cause a distraction because their family life is an essential matter. But, having the knowledge and advocacy of an experienced professional investigator who understands the pressures of their career and who has the experience in helping professional athletes or sports figures, etc., by gathering the facts of a complete investigation will help you with their case and minimize their distraction. Peace of mind will rest that anxiety and allow your client to focus on their talents.


Our Services:

Hidden Assets

We can locate hidden marital assets, so you can prove matrimonial assets are being kept from your client.


Verification of employment

We can verify salary, position, etc., so you can prove misappropriation of marital funds for your client.



Our surveillance service identifies if a spouse is cheating and spending their marital funds on an unknown apartment or hotel and how much the cost is of the hotels.


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